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As the lawsuits and other fallout from Bob Malm’s vendetta against me rage on, there’s empirical evidence that Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish, is losing the battle in the court of public opinion.

Consider, for example, the church’s website.

While Lisa Medley, the Princess Porcine, has carried on in her online posts over at The Wartburg Watch about how no one allegedly reads my blog anyway, empirical data reveals that, as usual, she’s making stuff up as she goes.

Per Cutestat, an online web traffic analyzer, averages just 83 unique visitors a day, for a total of 166 pageviews.

Due to my recent shift to a WordPress platform, Cutestat data for this blog is incomplete and inaccurate, But the site long ago passed 250,000 visitors and continues to motor along, averaging about 5000 visitors a month.

Meanwhile, thanks to continued social media efforts, my petition on on has been seen well over 330,000 times. Following is data from one donor’s paid sponsorship of the petition:

All of this comes at a time when, even pre-COVID, data reveals the Episcopal Church to be in dire trouble, with experts predicting that it will all but be gone within the next 20 years

Of course, any church in which it’s okay for clergy like Bob Malm to commit perjury and enjoy the full backing and support of the bishop probably needs to exit stage right, pronto.

The church simply lacks the ethical reference point to be relevant in today’s society.

Meanwhile, the childish, ugly, ad hominem attacks from Lisa Medley, Leslie Malm, Lucy Medley, and other church members, and perjuring priest Bob Malm’s innuendo about me being a “sad man,” in a “sad situation,” simply exacerbate the church’s woes. While Episcopalians think those sorts of things are okay, and that Bob Malm’s perjury is okay, the rest of the world takes a differing view.

That is the reason the Episcopal Church is dying.