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Earlier today, I sent an email to church attorneys, as well as officials in DioVA and DioMass, to tell them several things:

  1. As a result of perjuring priest Bob Malm’s defamatory comments from the pulpit last Sunday at St. Gabriel’s, available at beginning at 30:20, I am suing perjuring priest Bob Malm, St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church, and the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts.
  2. As a result of the pending litigation, all related videos, documents, emails, and text messages are to be preserved.
  3. The slanderous post needs to come down from the website immediately, a written apology and retraction issued, and the latter needs to be read from the pulpit tomorrow.
Here is the email I sent, which also included the Church Pension Group claims examiner.
St Gabriel’s Episcopal Marion Lawsuit Imminent