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Kelly Gable, Grace Episcopal Alexandria Motormouth

As readers of this blog know, I have on multiple occasions suggested that Kelly Motormouth Gable and perjuring priest Bob Malm should put their money where their mouth is and file a police report regarding their allegations that I embezzled from a previous employer. Indeed, the church’s attorney has claimed in her pleadings that perjuring priest Bob Malm had a “moral duty” to tell others in the church about their allegations.

Thus, I have called on perjuring priest Bob Malm to put his money where his mouth is, fulfill his alleged “moral duty” and call the police.

Today, The Wartburg Watch covered these issues.

In reading the article, it’s important to remember that  perjuring priest Bob Malm’s defamation of me includes two other areas of misconduct. These include:

  1. His concealment of the email in the previous litigation, even though it was expressly within the purview of discovery. In this regard, perjuring priest Bob Malm’s conduct also implicates Sugarland Chiow.
  2. His addition of the defamatory bit about hacking. In this regard, it will be interesting to see if perjuring priest Bob Malm is prepared, in conjunction with litigation, to name the parishioners who believe I have hacked church infrastructure.
Nor is this the only article coming. Another Anglican blog (no, not mine) is covering the story, and a major daily newspaper may cover the story.
Of course, we likely will soon see derogatory comments from the Princess Porcine, Lisa Medley, who likes to wade in to the dispute, even going so far as to lie in her comments. Despite this, Lisa lacks the backbone to put her name on her comments, which says a lot about Lisa.
At the end of the day, I still see no signs that perjuring priest Bob Malm, Kelly Motormouth Gable, or any of the other good Christians at Grace Church have put their money where their mouth is and filed a police report. And no matter how many ad hominem attacks Lisa et al drag out, that fundamental reality remains unchanged.