Grace Episcopal Alexandria Urges People to Commit Suicide

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Although I’ve posted this before, with pledge season looming it’s important to remember just what Grace Church is, and the results of its so-called ministry. In turn, it is appropriate to consider whether the church’s conduct warrants your financial support.

Below is a screen cap of a message, posted to Fairfax Underground, that combines homophobia and something even uglier: Someone urging another human being to commit suicide. The author is believed to be Lucy Medley.

That raises several questions, including:

  1. In what sort of toxic church is this sort of thing acceptable?
  2. What sort of parents raise a child to think that urging others to commi suicide is acceptable?
  3. How can a young person grow up at Grace Church and be so utterly devoid of basic human respect and civility as to think this is okay?
  4. What sort of example does this set for young people in the church?
  5. Why is it that we see multiple similar incidents of behavior of this sort, including Bob Malm lying under oath, the church trying to subpoena a dying woman, Sugarland Chiow making inventing fake places and fake events in his pleadings, disclosure of confidential giving, hoarding by church staff and more? 
  6. Why would you give your time, talent and treasure to support a church where this sort of thing goes on?
In short, Grace Episcopal is nothing but a stained glass cesspool, in which members wallow in the filth of their false faith.
As such, I urge members to withhold their support until the parish cleans up its act, top to bottom. Not token babble about becoming the beloved community, or not turning a blind eye to sin. A full-on purging of the temple is required.
And by the way, if “your name is mud in Alexandria” means folks at Grace Episcopal Alexandria don’t like me, that’s perfect. I don’t have any desire to be accepted by, or spend time with, people who think that urging others to commit suicide is okay. And I suspect that most persons who value empathy, compassion and respect feel the same way.
Finaly, just remember: If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.