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Sometime tomorrow, I will file the attached legal memorandum and related documents in opposition to Grace Episcopal Alexandria’s plea in bar and demurrer in the defamation lawsuit against it.

True to form, Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish, refuses to be accountable for its conduct. It continues to try to defend its actions, often with inconsistent claims.

For example, the church asserts that the defamation claim is time-barred, while conveniently omitting the fact that it engaged in fraudulent concealment of the defamatory email in question. 

Of course, sycophants in the parish will claim that the omission is accidental. But the church refuses to offer any explanation as to why it failed to produce the email in question. Indeed, if there is such an explanation, let’s hear it.

And at the very same time, Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish, claims that it should be privileged from claims of defamation when making false allegations that a former member has embezzled, on the grounds that it has a duty to discuss the matter.

So why doesn’t the church carry through on its claims of duty and go to the police? 

Similarly, the church claims that correspondence with the bishop is privileged as between related parties. Leaving aside the fact that any such arguable privilege evaporated when perjuring priest Bob Malm acted with actual malice, as evinced by his fabrications about the timing of my departure from RPJ Housing, it logically follows that the diocese and parish, as supposedly related parties, could have readily obtained the email in question and produced it during discovery, as required by law. So again, why did Grace Episcopal conceal this email from discovery?

In short, the church cannot have it both ways.

With the hundreds of thousands of dollars the Episcopal Church has to spend on lawyers, it could well win this case. But I am not going away any time soon, and if the church does not hold itself accountable for its actions, I certainly will. And the court of public opinion is open for business 24/7, regardless of the outcomes in the Virginia and Pennsylvania courts. 

Relatedly, as things now are going, I can promise that Grace Episcopal Alexandria will close within the next 20 years, and possibly much, much sooner. There simply is no reason to support a church that engages in the sort of egregious misconduct that Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish, has displayed.

As for the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, any denomination that holds its clergy to a standard of “no arrest, no foul” isn’t long for this world. So do yourself a favor, save your money, and cut the diocese loose financially and in every other way. 

It’s simply not worth throwing good money after bad.

In the meantime, I again reiterate my invite to the good Christians of Grace Episcopal Church Alexandria:

  1. Show me any legitimate explanation as to why you did not provide the email in question.
  2. If you believe I committed embezzlement, put your money where your monstrance is and file a police report.

In the meantime, I plan to tell the world about my experiences with the parish and perjuring priest Bob Malm and their conduct towards my mother and my husband.

In that regard, I am far from done.