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 On Friday, perjuring priest Bob Malm filed preliminary objections in the Pennsylvania lawsuit against him, which seeks to recover damages from his ultra vires subpoena of my mother.

True to form, perjuring priest Bob Malm not only seeks to avoid liability for his misconduct, but in his prelimary objections he tries to pull a fast one on the court by saying that the Pennsylvania subpoena of my mother, issued as she was dying, should be adjudicated by a Virginia court. 

Further, as his attorney well knows, Momn executed a valid written assignment of rights in the lawsuit prior to her death. Thus, the claim that I am attempting to represent her estate is facially bogus.

Shame on Rachel Cozen for defending a perjuring priest who tried to bully a dying woman. And shame on the Episcopal Church for failing to own up to its misconduct.

My advice: Steer clear of any church that thinks this sort of thing is okay. Neither perjuring priest Bob Malm’s conduct, nor that of the parish, has anything to do with Christianity.