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One of the early phases of litigation is the issuance of requests for admission, also referred to as RFA’s, which I sent to perjuring priest Bob Malm as part of my filing suit against him. True to form, Bob Malm lied in his response.

In my seventh RFA, I asked perjuring priest Bob Malm to admit that he instructed church staff to exclude me and Mike from the parish per below.

Now, look at perjuring priest Bob Malm’s response, in which he lies:
That is a bold-faced lie, and here’s why. As perjuring priest Bob Malm well knows, there are two ways under church canons to leave an Episcopal parish. One is to die; the other to request a letter of transfer. I did the latter in 2017 — almost two years later — and I did so in writing. Mike remained an inactive member of Grace Church until we sent a request in writing through Bishop Todd Ousley, the intake officer for the House of Bishops, to remove our names from all church records in 2018. The result was that I left St. Paul’s K Street, and that parish forwarded a request to Grace Church to remove Mike’s name from all church records. But in 2015 our names had already disappeared from the directory, our donations not reflected in the church bulletin, and more. In fact, Lisa Doelp was one of the people who knew of Bob’s games, when she told me in writing that my flower donation would not go into the bulletin, adding that it is “out of [her] hands.”
In the interests of collegiality, fair play, and the equitable administration of justice, I have given attorneys for Bob Malm, the church and the diocese a heads-up on this matter, versus playing gotcha. Since attorneys cannot willfully turn a blind eye to fabrications on the part of their clients, hopefully Wayne Cyron and Diane DiBlasio — both of whom I like — will take steps to ensure that their clients proffer only truthful information.
Of course, it speaks volumes about the current state of the Episcopal Church when one has to ask its attorneys to ensure that the church is truthful in its courtroom conduct.
Bob Malm, perjuring priest, lies again.