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In response to the Kelly Gable’s Plea of Statute of Limitations, I have prepared the document that follows, which outlines perjuring priest Bob Malm’s efforts to conceal the fact that he lied to Bishop Shannon Johnston when he republished Kelly Gable’s defamatory per se email in which she alleged that I embezzled funds from RPJ Housing. In his email, perjuring priest Bob Malm falsely claimed that my departure from RPJ Housing occured before I came to Grace Church.

At issue is the fact that Virginia law ordinarily imposes a one-year statute of limitations in defamation cases. The courts may toll the statute, however, when as here the tort in question has been intentionally concealed.

Motions court is preliminarily scheduled for July 10, but I will be out of town for the Pennyslvania hearing against perjuring priest Bob Malm. My suggestion to opposing counsel therefore is to schedule motions court hearing for July 24, when I have scheduled the hearing on my Motion to Amend my lawsuit against perjuring priest Bob Malm.

The following is in PDF.

Plaintiff’s Repsonse to Defendant’s Plea of Statute of Limitations