Still More Deceptive Information from Perjuring Priest Bob Malm and Sugarland Chiow

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Perjuring priest Bob Malm tries to slide one by

Here’s another example of deceptive and misleading communication from perjuring priest Bob Malm and Jeff Sugarland Chiow.

In this chronology, which Bob supplied to the Alexandria courts when he sought a protective order, there’s a subtle but telling bit of deception. Specifically, although Bob removed me from all formal roles at Grace Church, he did so AFTER my first complaint to the diocese had concluded, but not before my complaint about retaliation had been processed.
Yet in this document, Bob reverses the order of line items 2 and 3, making the chronology appear as though what was actually retaliatory conduct on his part occurred first, as if he had some hidden reason other than retaliation.
Of course, the parallel issue is that none of this is relevant to Bob’s claims that he was at imminent risk of harm and thus needed a protective order.

It’s also worth noting that Bob falsely claims that Grace Church responded to our Office of Consumer Affairs complaint by removing us from the church’s email distribution lists. That actually happened a year earlier; instead, in 2016, the church blocked Mike and me from sending email to anyone with a email address. (Subsequently, Bob lied yet again, and tried to say that it was a problem with the email server. It was not.)

In the meantime, we once again see that Bob’s conduct covers a range of behavior, from sneakily deceptive, as here; to outright perjury, as in his statements made under oath.
Bob Malm, perjuring priest,
Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish. 
And remember, “God’s Grace for All.”