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Well, it’s a shame, but apparently I need to repeat my earlier written requests to the parish, in which I indicated that church members, staff, and clergy are to have no further contact with me pursuant to Virginia Code § 18.2-60.3.

Under that provision, contacting someone after he or she says they do not wish to be contacted is prima facie evidence of stalking.
In other words, I do not want to hear from Christine Cheevers, Sally Schneider and her family, or others with their silly drivel about how Bob Malm is gone, how I’m being hateful, or their other nonsense.
Yes, he is gone, but the church has fully supported Bob’s perjury, smear campaigns, witness tampering, courtroom fabrications, efforts to go after Mike, attempt to drag my terminally mother into court,  and other misconduct, even going so far as to name part of the building after him. 
As long as the parish lies by omission and refuses to tell the truth about Bob’s conduct, we have nothing to discuss. And that includes members who continue to pledge, donate time, and otherwise support a parish that tries to drag the dying into court, where the rector lies under oath, and more. I have no patience for people who think they can shrug off these issues.
Yes, I get that it would be convenient for the parish if I were to drop my opposition to its conduct, but life doesn’t work that way. And parishioners who advocate that sort of cheap forgiveness are exactly the reason the parish is in a state of precipitous decline. They have very little understanding of forgiveness, reconciliation, or even the message of the gospels.
Until the parish learns to take responsibility for its conduct, and that of its rector, its vestry and attorney Sugarland Chiow, I will continue to oppose its conduct. And I will file criminal charges in record time against Christine or anyone else who contacts me despite my request.