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Earlier today, the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts released a statement in the case of Gregory Lisby, an Episcopal priest who allegedly has admitted to possession of child pornography. Further, evidence has emerged that Lisby may have abused a teen in the parish.

In a letter to the diocese, Bishop Douglas Fisher says:

“I am deeply saddened to know that a priest is alleged to have committed such a grievous sin,” Fisher wrote, “and on behalf of the entire church, I offer my most heartfelt apology to the victim, the victim’s family and to everyone whose trust in the church has been violated. 

“I cannot undo this terrible situation, but I can commit our diocese to telling the truth and seeking healing and reconciliation for anyone who has been harmed by Lisby.”

That stands in marked contrast to the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, which has consistently engaged in coverup of Bob Malm’s misconduct. This includes insisting that it will not so much as look into allegations that Malm has committed perjury, repeatedly made false statements of law and fact to the courts, and more. Indeed, via the Rev. Sven vanBaars, the diocese has said it will only take action if Malm faces criminal charges.

Currently, the diocese and Church Insurance are defending their conduct in court. That includes throwing money at the matter, even going so far as to hire a transcription service for the first return—something that almost never happens. In short, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia is diing everything in its power to avoid telling the truth.

Meanwhile, church members continue to make obscene gestures at me and otherwise demonstrate just how toxic their brand of “Christianity” really is.

Caveat emptor—the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, Grace Episcopal Church and Bishop Susan Goff are morally bankrupt.