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Letter to the Clergy of DioVA Calls for Change

Yesterday, I sent an email to the clergy of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. Below is what I sent, together with the attachments. All: This week, something extraordinary happened in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Specifically, the messengers, who are that denomination’s equivalent to delegates to General Convention, stood up and demanded that the church take abuse seriously.… Read More »

First Letter to Episcopal Bishops About Perjuring Priest Robert Malm

Several days ago, I wrote a letter to the entire Episcopal House of Bishops, which I emailed to their individual email addresses. The letter was about perjuring priest Robert Malm’s various lies, his perjury, and the dismal response of DioVA and DioMass, both of which violated church canons. The response was about what you’d expect: You may try… Read More »

Litigation Update

We are in the discovery phase of litigation, and I have notified defense counsel that I intend to depose Anne Turner, Lisa Medley, Susan Goff, and possibly Kelly Gable. Apropos the latter, we had previously agreed that I would send her written questions to answer. But rather than responding, Kelly got a new lawyer, and we are awaiting… Read More »

The Virginia Bishops: Three Blind Mice

Three blind mice: That’s the perfect description for the Episcopal bishops of Virginia, who continue to ignore Bob Malm’s perjury and other criminal conduct. I just sent an email to Bishop Taylor, calling him out on the diocese’s hypocrisy. He talks about not reverting to the past, yet the diocese remains staunchly committed to ignoring Bob Malm’s perjury… Read More »

Proposed Diocesan Budget Zeroes Out Women in Ministry, Mental Health, and Sexual Misconduct Prevention

Okay, we get that times are tough. But the proposed diocesan budget is a hot mess. Tellingly, three areas of the budget that should be non-negotiable (and already were getting short shrift), are defunded. These include women in ministry, mental health, and sexual misconduct prevention. All three are areas already impacted by the pandemic, with sharp increases in… Read More »