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The issue of witness tampering is, of course, in the news these days following Mueller’s announcement that Paul Manafort may be attempting to improperly influence witnesses. How did Mueller did this? By allegedly sending encrypted texts via Whatsapp trying to get in touch with witnesses in an apparent effort to influence their testimony.

That raises the question, “Have Bob Malm and his wife Leslie engaged in witness tampering?”

Only a court can decide that question, but I have multiple pieces of evidence that suggest that they have contacted my friend Dee Parsons, editor of The Wartburg Watch, in an effort to suppress publication of materials documenting Bob’s misconduct. Further, Bob has directly criticized Dee’s written statement on my behalf regarding the quirky dynamics within my family, even though he knows that she likely will be a witness at the hearing on October 5. Moreover, well-placed sources tell me that Dee has expressed concern that Bob is trying to pressure her to change her testimony.

Additionally, Bob’s repeated intimations about mental illness on my part suggest he may be trying to “wire the discussion” within Grace Church and other fora.

Regardless of whether one concludes that Bob has engaged in witness tasmpering, at a minimum his conduct would seem highly questionable for a member of the clergy.