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Check it out! Our petition asking the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia to show a little ethics by investigating perjuring priest Bob Malm has zoomed past 4000 signatures. We’re on our way to 5,000 and beyond!

Given that as of 2018 the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia only had 68,902 baptized members, you’d think Susan Goff and the other fat cats at Mayo House would get the hint. But as things stand, Bob Malm’s perjury is “not of weighty and material importance to the ministry of the church.” In fact, the gods of Mayo House will only deign to consider the matter if Bob Malm faces criminal charges. I guess that means if you are molesting children in an Episcopal church, you’re safe. After all, the diocese itself has said that the touchstone for it to get involved is criminal charges. But then, there is an exception for sexual misconduct…just look at other clergy disciplinary cases in Northern VA. I guess as long as it doesn’t involve sex you are okay.
And folks wonder why the Episcopal church is dying. No surprises there.