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A few minutes ago, while out protesting on Russell Road, well past a 1,000 foot distance from Grace Episcopal Church and Dysfunctional Bob’s home, I was approached by Dysfunctional Bob, who drove up, pulled over, got out of his vehicle, and had what appeared to be a major psychological crisis. Bob was screaming and threatening, asking if I wanted him to get out a tape measure and if I wanted to get dragged off to jail. His decision to seek me out comes minutes after his wife Leslie rolled through.

I had no interaction, but instead jumped in Mike’s SUV, locked the doors, and called 911, since he appeared bent on violence and was screaming at neighbors as well. I had no contact with Bob or Leslie and, other than making myself scarce, did not respond to Bob’s threats.
Bob’s actions of course violate my written request to him to have no further contact, sent to him in December 2018. I also previously sent the same request to his attorney, Sugarland Chiow. Moreover, Bob has twice previously violated my request by contacting me once through my employer, and once through my church. (The former really makes wonder about Bob, as where I worked was not the public knowledge. Stalker alert!)
I therefore will seek criminal charges against Bob.
Of course, Bob’s actions put the lie to his claims that he fears for his safety. And his over-the-top conduct again leads me to suspect that Bob is mentally ill. (The neighbors who observed his behavior ran inside and locked the doors. Tell you anything?)
Here’s a photo of Bob’s SUV as he prepares to leave the scene of his meltdown:

And here is my email to him, also supplied during discovery, in which I instructed him to have no further contact.

Lastly, here is the relevant section of the Virginia Code, which makes clear that Bob’s behavior is prima facie evidence of criminal stalking.