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Grace Episcopal Alexandria financial auditors, beware! Shortly after Dysfunctional Bob Malm issued his Edict of Shunning against me and Mike, Dysfunctional Bob deliberately misused restricted donations by using them in a manner other than that specified in the solicitation. Such use is at best breach of contract, and at worst, fraud. Bob accomplished this by instructing church staff that our names were to be omitted from all church publications. Later, he tried to weasel out of things, stating in writing that the funds were “properly recorded.” But that is a red herring, as they were solicited with the express understanding that they be recognized in the church bulletin.

As a result of Dysfunctional Bob’s actions, we filed a complaint with the Fairfax County Office of Consumer Protection, where we prevailed.
So, if you’re considering giving money to Grace Episcopal Church, just know that Bob Malm has few scruples in this space. So, ask yourself what would prevent a similar situation from happening to you.
The answer? Nothing.

If you’re an auditor or prospective lender, keep in mind—you’re dealing with a church that has a successful consumer affairs complaint against it.

Caveat emptor.