Bob Malm Ordered to Say Which Blog Posts Were Threatening

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As readers know, Grace Episcopal rector Dysfunctional Bob Malm has been going around claiming that he and the church are victims of “domestic terrorism” (his words, not mine). So it should be a pretty simple matter for him to point to specifics, right?

Well, apparently not.
After months of discovery during last summer’s legal battle, Bob still refused to come right out and answer this pretty basic question. This led to the court ordering him to do so—an order with which he never complied. Does that tell you anything?
Here’s the relevant court order:

In my next several posts, I’ll publish evidence of Dysfunctional Bob’s efforts to go after Mike Smith, Dysfunctional Bob’s multiple lies to the court, and his efforts to obtain a criminal referral in conjunction with his lies and misrepresentations. And I’ll publish Jeff Chiow’s billing records, so you too can see what legal services you get at Rogers, Joseph O’Donnell for what is allegedly more than $100,000.

As an added bonus, you’ll get to see firsthand Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow’s inflammatory rhetoric and facially un-Christian conduct. And you’ll get to see firsthand the involvement of the church’s executive committee in these lies and misrepresentations.

Stay tuned!