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Later today, I’ll post additional highlighted excerpts. But for now, here’s my entire pleading, filed last summer at the end of my litigation with Dysfunctional Bob. In it, we see:

  • Dysfunctional Bob ordered by the court to specify which blog posts he claims to be threatening. Should have been a simple matter, right? Note that Bob never did comply with the court’s order.
  • Dysfunctional Bob and Sugarland Chiow get called out for lying to the court about my having been licensed as an attorney, and having served as a police officer. The great irony is these lies are contained right after a phrase in which Dysfunctional Bob and Sugarland Chiow refer to me as a “serial liar.” 
  • Sugarland Chiow’s typical, unprofessional inflammatory rhetoric, which was in part the reason that an independent attorney said of Sugarland, “This attorney is coming at you with a personal vendetta.”
  • Sugarland’s billing records, which reflect:
    • Bob Malm’s efforts to come after Mike Smith and get a protective order against him.
    • Sugarland’s repeated efforts to find a cause of action for defamation and defamation per se, despite the fact that Dysfunctional Bob is a limited purpose public figure under the law. (Meaning it’s quite hard to defame him, even if I wanted to. I mean, why bother? The truth is plenty ugly as is.)
    • Sugarland’s efforts to obtain a criminal referral.
Folks, if this is how your almost $200,000 a year in compensation for Dysfunctional Bob gets spent, you have an issue. And you still have to deal with the fact he’s going around telling people that Grace is threatened by “domestic terrorism.” That must do wonders for attendance. Not to mention it’s probably no super helpful when applying for an HVAC loan.
As the old saying goes, “If only Bob Malm had half the common sense God gave a goat.”
Here’s the entire file, in PDF.
In the meantime, I have some protesting to do.