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Gallup Poll Shows Respect for Clergy Hits Record Low

Think fast—which do you trust more: A funeral director or a member of the clergy? If you’re like most Americans, the answer is, “Funeral director.” That’s pretty amazing, given that it wasn’t that many years ago that the FTC lowered the boom, with partial success, on the antics of the funeral industry. And it underscores another point: Respect… Read More »

Bob Malm: Is He Dangerous?

Bob’s repeated assertions that I am dangerous raise an important question: Is Bob Malm himself dangerous? Before we go further, let me say up front that I don’t know the answer to that question. But I believe there is reason to be concerned, and both friends and family members think Bob may be dangerous. Here’s why. As I… Read More »

Remember the Meaning of Christmas. This Holiday Season, Boycott Grace Episcopal Church

This Christmas, amidst the presents, the good food, the time with family and friends, please remember the real meaning of Christmas. Show compassion for the sick, the lonely, the dying, the outcast, the forlorn.  Boycott Grace Episcopal Church, which shuns its own parishioners and does so at the rector’s direction, where people think it’s okay to mock the… Read More »