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Think fast—which do you trust more: A funeral director or a member of the clergy? If you’re like most Americans, the answer is, “Funeral director.” That’s pretty amazing, given that it wasn’t that many years ago that the FTC lowered the boom, with partial success, on the antics of the funeral industry. And it underscores another point: Respect for clergy has hit a historic low, and appears to be continuing to slide.

Of course, none of this comes as a surprise, given the clergy abuse scandals, and the stupid antics of self-aggrandizing clergy like Bob Malm, whose main goal in life appears to be to get as much adulation and recognition as he can, as much pay as he can, and as much time off as he can. Top dollar for minimum work.
And of course, lying in court and trying to drag a terminally ill elderly woman into court hasn’t helped much. Small wonder that folks are turning their backs on church, especially those, like The Episcopal Church, where clericalism is rampant, and where clergy often view it as your job to serve them.
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