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One of the interesting things about Dysfunctional Bob and his vendetta against me and my family is that he hasn’t taken a similar approach with other parishioners. This includes the parishioner who allegedly has boundary issues with children, and whom I believe is a pedophile, as well as the married couple who allegedly had an open and notorious affair with other parishioners.

In the case of the parish pedophile, I will omit details of his alleged actions. That said, Bob Malm has been aware of these allegations for many years. His response? Being pointedly rude to that person. Yup. No requirement that this person be accompanied at all times when on church property. No requirement that this person not be alone with children. No notice to parents that this person may be a risk to their children. No notice to school staff. No calls from the Alexandria police department barring the pedophile from the property. No protective order.
Ditto for the allegedly adulterous couple. While no one would assert that they are dangerous to children, neither would anyone say that they are positive role models. Yet Bob took a complete pass.
Even worse, the church’s door code entrance system, and the pedophile’s ready access to master keys for interior doors, means he has 24/7 access to the church property, including rooms occupied by Grace Episcopal School. This in turn may afford the pedophile with  the opportunity to be alone with children in the building. In short, neither Bob Malm nor the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia has learned anything from the Catholic abuse scandals.
It’s a sad state of affairs —and a sign that Bob Malm is utterly clueless—when Bob is willing to drag a dying woman into court, and to lie in court, yet largely ignores an individual who appears to be a threat to children.