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Assuming Jeff Chiow hasn’t yet again bollixed his filings, Wednesday will mark the most recent and possibly final effort by Jeff to bully his way to victory in the courts. Specifically, the court will hear arguments over whether to grant my decision to dismiss.

True to form, someone closely connected to Bob Malm has been on Fairfax Underground, prattling on about how the court won’t grant my request, yada, yada yada. Obviously, confidentiality is an issue for the church, especially when you have someone foolishly speculating in public like that. Of course, Jeff continues his efforts to deceive the court by claiming that it somehow is illegal for me to write about my experiences. Par for the course. What else would you expect from Grace Church and Bob Malm?
In the meantime, I am making plans to continue protesting, writing, and telling others about my experiences at Grace Church. These efforts will continue for so long as the protective order is in place, and possibly indefinitely. Of one thing I am certain: Jeff Chiow should not send over any more settlement proposals. Given the various lies, the inflammatory rhetoric and the bad faith shown in discovery (Bob still refuses to specify exactly how he was “threatened,”) there is zero chance that I will agree to anything. Or, to use Bob Malm’s expletive in a slightly different context, “Why should I give a f***?” 
I’ve also been busy behind the scenes preparing for further media coverage, which will be coming in early November. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, the defamatory stuff continues from members of Bob’s family, including the false bit about self-dealing with vendors while serving as junior warden. That should be interesting—whether I bring suit or not, or someone else files suit, falsehoods like that, coming from someone close to Bob (and most likely one of his daughters) are a powerful disincentive to other volunteers, and yet another sign that the church is experiencing an ongoing organizational meltdown.

My hope is to get out to see Mom again before the winter flu season hits. No one, herself included, thought she’d still be here now. That said, even a mild cold or flu likely would be deadly, so I am hoping to make the trip.
I am considering fully retiring in the coming months—it just depends on a variety of factors. Paradoxically, I have even toyed with the idea of going back to practicing law, maybe on behalf of victims of church abuse. Heaven knows there’s plenty of work to go around. If I do fully retire, I may find some sort of volunteer work that is meaningful. If nothing else, there is a church near me that needs a ton of repairs….that might be something to keep me busy for a few years.
More to come!