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One of the things most noteworthy about this conflict is the double standard evinced by Jeff  “Sugarland” Chiow and Bob Malm.

For example, Jeff wants to use phrases like “domestic terrorism” to describe this conflict. Yet, if you call him on it and say, “ Okay, let’s share your comments publicly and see what the world at large thinks,” then he claims that you were trying to intimidate people—by sharing HIS remarks.
Same for integrity. Jeff wants to bloviate and call me a liar, but in his case his lies extend from a fictional church shooting in the equally fictional town of “Sugarland Texas,” to lying to the court by telling it that I have violated the existing court order, that I never was admitted to practice law, to telling the court that I was never a police officer.
And oddly enough, somehow I just don’t get the sense that Jeff is going to grow a pair and admit to the court that he lied. Instead, he’ll try the playground antic of “you do too, na na na.”
So glad to be rid of this sorry, dysfunctional bunch of #fakechristians.