More Evidence of Sloppy Work by Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow

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A law school professor of mine once said, “I don’t advise acting like an asshole. But if you’re going to go that route, make sure your work is absolutely flawless.” Good advice, and apparently not advice that Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow follows.

Specifically, in reviewing Jeff’s previous filings, he had the time for motions court wrong. This is the sort of thing that’s both easy to check, and worth taking the time to check. And with all the associates Jeff has deployed in this matter, you’d think someone would take the time to fact check and proofread his court filings. Or put in other terms, getting this sort of fact wrong hardly engenders credibility.
But then, given Jeff’s other missteps in this litigation, including his lack of common sense in pursuing a non-meritorious claim, hardly surprising.
Who knows? Maybe Jeff attended Sugarland University School of Law.