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When Bob Malm’s attorney, Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow (named after a fictitious church shooting at an equally fictitious town in Texas, invented by Jeff for inclusion in his legal documents) filed his recent motion to the Alexandria Circuit Court, he captioned the motion as an “emergency.” Why? Apparently because I have decided to withdraw my appeal and let Dysfunctional Bob’s actions speak for themselves.

That interesting question: Shouldn’t there be a second “emergency” motion to correct the lies Jeff told in his motion? One certainly would think so.
As I stated in the attorney disciplinary complaints I filed against Jeff in multiple jurisdictions, Jeff told myriad lies in his motion, the most egregious being three:
  1. That I have violated the existing protective order.
  2. That I did not previously serve as a police officer.
  3. That I had not been admitted to the Pennsylvania bar.
I have addressed all three in my motion offered in response to Jeff’s motion, including documentation that his claims are lies.
What’s noteworthy about these lies is that Jeff could have easily Googled the relevant issues to ascertain the accuracy of his claims. Having included these lies in his motion, I am forced to conclude one of two things:
  1. Either Jeff did his research, but figured that his “wall of lies” was sufficiently robust that, like Hitler and his “Big Lie” theory, he could make his lies stick, or
  2. Jeff had another “Sugarland” moment, and just made something up because it was convenient and sounded good, indifferent to whether it’s true or not.
Either way, Jeff has a legal and ethical obligation to correct the false statements in his motion. Given that he thinks the withdrawal of an appeal constitutes an “emergency,” the fact that we have yet to see Jeff making a beeline to the clerk of the court suggests that Jeff is not prepared to act with integrity in this matter. Just another layer of proof in the ever-burdgeoning mountain of evidence that St. Dysfunction aka Grace Church is toxic.
As for Jeff, the sloppy legal work is bad enough, but this is over the top, even for him.
But, as the various disciplinary entities look at this case, I suspect they may realize that this case was, from the get-go, a frivolous matter, and that Jeff lacked the professional integrity to decline representation, instead attempting to rely on lies, mischaracterizations and bullying behavior to make a case out of whole cloth. Especially if the disciplinary boards subpoena Jeff’s behind-the-scenes correspondence, things will get ugly in a hurry.
And if Jeff is looking for a settlement agreement to get him out of this mess of his own creation, I can say this with certainty: It’s not happening.