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Okay so folks at St. Dysfunction are a little slow. I get that. But by now, you’d think that Dysfunctional Bob and Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow would have gotten the message: Bullying and bad behavior is counterproductive. But clearly that message still hasn’t taken hold.

Yesterday, after being informed that I am dropping my appeal, I am told that Jeff Chiow engaged in a variety of unprofessional conduct, including cursing at opposing counsel.
Bad behavior of this sort reflects badly on this sad church; on Dysfunctional Bob; on Jeff Chiow; on Rogers, Joseph O’Donnell PC; and on the legal profession generally. It also adds another layer of support for the conclusion that St. Dysfunction is pretty on the outside and ostensibly friendly and welcoming, but right beneath the surface petty, vile, vicious and vindictive, just like Bob Malm.
Or as Jesus put it, Grace Episcopal Church is a whitewashed tomb that reeks of rot and decay on the inside.