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Here’s another great example of the real Bob Malm, and the sort of stuff that goes on right behind the scenes at St. Dysfunction, aka Grace Episcopal Church. Check out the reference to “Dysfunction Junction” and Kirk Steffensen’s comments about “delusional crap.”

Ironically, Bob’s bogus police report was allegedly filed by Bob’s daughter — a matter Bob conveniently covered up during discovery. Similarly, investigation suggests that the same daughter has made multiple online posts; Bob also did not disclose this matter during discovery. Questionable ethics, anyone? 
Note too that the Rev. Pat Wingo, then Bishop Shannon’s assistant, is copied, so the diocese was well aware of Bob’s conduct.
And people wonder why The Episcopal Church is dying. Oh, and local members of the National Association for Mental Illness were anything but pleased when I forwarded this to them. Something about disrespect.