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As Bob Malm and Grace Episcopal Church continue to falsely claim that I left the parish on my own, there is ample documentation to prove otherwise. Among these are the following email, in which I established that Bob had, in fact, instructed church staff to exclude us. Needless to say, no one on staff, from Bob Malm on down, has ever disputed the accuracy of this communication.

So, if you are told that Mike and I left the parish on our own, ask these questions:
  • If I did indeed leave the parish on my own, why did Bob feel the need to issue such instructions to church staff?
  • Why would Bob feel the need to include Mike, who had been received into The Episcopal Church just 16 months earlier?
  • Why would Bob reference Mike in this email when, to this day, Mike remains a member of the parish?
  • Do you know of other situations in which Bob Malm has taken a personal interest in church membership at this level?
  • Why would Bob issue such an email when I had not requested a letter of transfer at the time the email was sent? (I am delighted to report that I did send such a request in July of 2017.)
The fact that neither Bob Malm, nor the church vestry, have been honest in their comments about this situation illustrates how dysfunctional the parish is.