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One of the ways bullies like Bob Malm try to address criticism is to wage smear campaigns against anyone whom they regard as threatening. In my case, Bob’s smear campaign directed at me contains a heavy dose of defamation, relying as it does on his oft-repeated references to me as “twisted” and “dysfunctional.” And thanks to Bob Malm’s civil action against me, I have copies of multiple written statements to that effect, including discussions involving Bishop Shannon, as well as emails from several well-known parishioners.

That raises the question: Has Bob’s smear campaign benefited the parish at all? The clear answer is no.
Looking at the church’s annual report and related data, the number of pledging units remains down by about 30 percent–its lowest number in decades. Average Sunday attendance remained down in 2017; and the parish register reflects a sharp decline in persons transferring in, but increases in the number transferring out. Bottom line, Bob’s efforts at manipulation have done nothing to offset the reaction to his ongoing abuse of power and boundary issues.
My prediction, too, is that when the dust settles, we will see further erosion of key organizational metrics, particularly as they pertain to church finances. If nothing else, the time and money Bob Malm and Jeff Chiow are devoting to the current frivolous litigation may prove a powerful distraction in the midst of upcoming efforts to increase spending. That is particularly the case when, as in the case of the HVAC project, the expenditure primarily benefits the school, while continuing to ignore the HVAC issues that have plagued the nave and undercroft for decades.
In other words, all signs suggest that whoever becomes the next rector of St. Dysfunction Grace Episcopal Church will inherit a hot mess. 
Lots to blog about in the coming days!