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Have you seen the seriously funny video of Bob Malm at the joint Arlandria event with the Methodist church? The event was held to support immigration rights, and true to form, Bob winds up saying a lot more about St. Dysfunction Grace Church than he realizes.

Dressed in a black cape, Bob obviously hasn’t prepared at all for the event. Instead, he thinks that by sounding hyper-confident he can wing it, so he winds up moving his hands in circles, saying something to the effect of, “That’s what’s so amazing about Grace Church. We care about everyone!”

Leaving aside the fact that my mom, Mike, and I would not agree with that assertion, I have the unfortunate task of breaking some bad news to Bob: Caring about people is not amazing. It’s supposed to be foundational for Christians.

Of course, when you peel the onion, what you find is that Bob talks a good game, but the reality is far different. This is a priest who’s never, to my knowledge, gone on a mission to Haiti. Whose response when questioned about people who have left the church due to conflict with him is, “Why should I give a fu**?” Who for years has demonstrated utter indifference to the temporal wellbeing of the parish. Who is both a bully himself, and who tolerates and encourages bullying by his example. Who engages in shunning, which has been described by experts as “psychological murder.”

Nor is this the only time Bob has trotted out the empty triumphalism. In a sermon he preached not that long ago, Bob gasses on about how Grace church represents, “true religion.”

As Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has said many times, “If it’s not about love, it’s not about God.”

If Grace Church reflects Bob Malm’s view of “true religion,” then you need to look for God elsewhere. You won’t find her at Grace Church.