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Today and over the next few days, I’ll be releasing additional documentation of bad behavior at Grace Episcopal Church.

Today’s installment is former assistant rector Leslie Steffensen’s responses about me when a background check was conducted in conjunction with a promotion I received at a retail job. As is often the case, the background check included time that I essentially took off from work in order to deal with issues at Grace following Bob’s accident in February 2014.

Check out Leslie’s intimations about “suspicious activities,” and the comments about being emotionally involved in crisis. This from someone who was visibly emotional on several occasions following Bob’s accident. Who said no good deed in church goes unpunished?

Apropos administrative staff, Leslie also omits a salient point, which is that numerous people have had such issues, Leslie herself included, as well as clergy including Patrick Crerar and Anne Turner. Hmmm.

I’ll also soon release an email from Kirk Steffensen that further speaks to the Christian values of members of the church.