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In a move that shows how out of step with the times The Episcopal Church really is, the US Navy has launched a misconduct investigation into Master Chief Petty Officer Steven Giordano‘s conduct, amidst acccusations that he has been verbally abusive. As a result of the investigation, Giordano has tendered his resignation, according to CNN.

The navy’s actions are in marked contrast to those of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, which under Bishop Shannon Johnston, has repeatedly stated in writing that Bob Malm’s multiple documented instances of verbal abuse and bullying are not, “Of weighty and material importance to the ministry of the church.” Thus, the diocese has declined to address these issues.

Per the navy’s Inspector General, Giordano is being investigated for fostering a “hostile work environment,” in which members of his staff complained of “verbal abuse” and a “bullying leadership style.”

It is telling when the US military displays greater moral integrity in the workplace than does The Episcopal Church in one of its houses of worship.