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Speaking of issues involving Bob Malm’s compensation and his work performance, here’s a specific example.

Per his letter of agreement and church canons, Bob is responsible for the care and maintenance of the physical plant. Not directly, but as the person ultimately responsible for the day-to-day operation of the parish. Given that he is paid close to $200,000 a year, you’d think Bob would take his obligation pretty seriously. Conversely, before paying Bob a $100,000 bonus, you’d think the vestry would insist that he do his job. As shown here, you’d be wrong on both counts.
The picture below was taken in the vesting rooms in 2014, and shows that a bulletin from the Great Vigil of 2010 had sat on the window sill, undisturbed, for four years, gathering dead flies and dust; the window sill was beyond filthy.
I sent the photo to Bob via email, but he did not respond. When I asked the church administrator about the issue, she stated that she wasn’t sure anyone cleaned the vesting rooms. Nice.
Bob’s utter disregard of issues like this is telling, and makes clear that he is supremely indifferent to the wellbeing of his church, and the requirements of his job.  Shame, too, on the vestry for treating this as acceptable, and for the disrespect you show to church members and their donations in allowing this.
My grade for Bob’s work performance in the administrative aspects of his job: D-.