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perjuring priest Bob Malm lies to bishop

The Episcopal Survivors Network, a group of abuse survivors connected with the Episcopal Church, has weighed in on perjuring priest Bob Malm’s conduct and the need to pursue a criminal investigation of Malm’s behavior.

The press release, distributed worldwide via the Religion News Network, calls for an investigation into the following allegations involving perjuring priest Bob Malm:

  • Filing false police reports.
  • Engaging in retaliation for filing a complaint about his conduct with the diocese.
  • Repeatedly filing false civil actions in which Malm claimed he was being threatened, despite having had no contact with Bonetti in several years.
  • Claiming that blog posts about him, on blogs published by Bonetti and family members, were “threatening and harassing.”
  • Concealing evidence adverse to Malm in litigation.
  • Repeatedly offering fabricated statements of law and fact to the courts.
  • Repeatedly committing perjury, including falsely claiming under oath that Bonetti’s late mother, then dying of COPD, contacted him multiple times. Later, Malm told a judge under oath that he didn’t even know her name — despite the fact he expressly referenced her by name in his original sworn statement.
  • Attempting to depose Bonetti’s mother, then dying, in violation of state law.
  • Falsely telling police that Bonetti had stalked, threatened, and “terrorized” Malm and his family, despite having had no contact in several years.
  • Using inflammatory and inappropriate language in court, including referring to Bonetti as a “domestic terrorist.”
  • Witness tampering.
  • Falsely telling parishioners and others that Bonetti is mentally ill.
  • Lying to the Episcopal bishop of Virginia about facts related to the case.

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