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Lindsey Malm Anders Continues to Access This Blog

I would have thought it to be clear by now, but apparently a reminder is needed.

Specifically, this blog is not available to Bob Malm, Lindsey Malm Anders, any members of their families, or anyone acting directly or indirectly on their behalf. Nor may content from this blog be transferred to any of these individuals. Neither is anyone permitted to access this blog who considers blogging about an abusive church and its members to be threatening, or to constitute harassment.

Accessing this blog in violation of those terms and conditions, or attempting to evade security measures to prevent access by unauthorized persons, is illegal. And you can rest assured I will take appropriate action against violators.

For the record, like any website operator, I can see who accesses my blog, from what IP address they do so, the location of that IP address, and more.

And no, my ability to do so is not some vast work release surveillance program or in any other way related to Kelly Motormouth Gable’s weird speculation and comments. Those capabilities are available to any and all website operators. Indeed, if the website operator uses Google Analytics, she can correlate traffic with user interests like running, history, things of that sort.

You can verify for yourself the sort of information that is available by visiting the index page of this blog. On the far right, near the bottom, you will see your IP address, location, and more. That’s there for a reason, which is to remind people not to be stupid.

I have sent a request to Wayne Cyron to remind perjuring priest Bob Malm and Lindsey Malm Anders that they are not permitted on this blog. And why they would visit when perjuring priest Bob Malm is going around telling people that folks at Grace Church consider me to be violent is difficult to fathom.

So, let me say it again: If you are not comfortable with the First Amendment and its guarantee of free speech, you may not access this blog. No exceptions, no excuses, no explanations, no negotiations.