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As I posted earlier, I have filed a civil stalking lawsuit in Virginia against perjuring priest Bob Malm as a result of his repeated flagrant violations of my request for no-contact. Pursuant to Virginia law such violations are prima facie evidence of stalking when, as here, the defendant has actual notice that the victim does not wish further contact.

In this case, perjuring priest Bob Malm has received written such notice multiple times, the first being via email on December 21, 2017 at 3:04 PM.

Additionally, I have provided an identical request to the Rev. Canon Mary Thorpe, Bishop Susan Goff, and perjuring priest Bob Malm’s attorney, Wayne Cyron.

Curiously, perjuring priest Bob Malm appears unable to comply, for he has called my then-current church; my employer; emailed me; driven up to me on Russell Road and screamed and threatened me; and approached me and talked to me elsewhere. And perjuring priest Bob Malm’s behavior is particularly irrational in light of his claims that I have threatened him and that I am a “domestic terrorist.” Moreover, I am mindful of the possibility that perjuring priest Bob Malm is mentally ill, for he continues to adhere to his claim that my mother, or someone claiming to be her, contacted him repeatedly. This simply didn’t happen, which leads me to question whether Malm can differentiate between truth and fiction.

The summons next goes to the Secretary of the Commonwealth, who will serve perjuring priest Bob Malm with process sometime in the next week or so. At that point, we will schedule a hearing. Moreover, while I am at the moment pursuing the case as a civil matter, I am not waiving potential further criminal charges.

The case number is 20002631.

Below is the summons.