See for Yourself: Email to Church Pension Group

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With litigation now imminent against St. Gabriel’s Marion and perjuring priest Bob Malm, I have contacted the claims examiner for the Church Pension Group, which presumably is the relevant insurer. My goal is to identify the attorney or attorneys who will be handling the defamation and other lawsuits coming against the parish so that I may send copies of the relevant documents to the relevant persons.

Here is the message to Heather Crockett:

Lawsuit Against St. Gabriel’s Marion

Of course, perjuring priest Bob Malm doesn’t realize he’s only making things worse for himself. His various lies are fast coming out, including his lie to Bishop Shannon Johnston. And while there are still plenty of loyalists backing perjuring priest Bob Malm, their support only serves to erode participation and confidence in The Episcopal Church and the parishes he “serves.”

Meanwhile, both Grace Episcopal and St., Gabriel’s are finding their future prospects damaged by perjuring priest Bob Malm’s toxic conduct.