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Perjuring priest Bob Malm attorney Rachel Wenger

Some tine ago, Pennsylvania passed legislation providing for the protection of confidential information in legal pleadings.

Being the top-notch attorney that she is, however, Ms. Wenger, much like Sugarland Chiow, did not feel the need to read her own pleadings. Thus, her most recent filing in the Venango County Court of Common Pleas included my social security number, in violation of state law.

I promptly filed a motion with the court asking for the information to be redacted, and informed Ms. Wenger of her violation of state law. I also told her that, should she decide to include confidential information in future filings, she and defense co-counsel will face attorney disciplinary complaints.

In response, this morning Ms. Wenger filed the attached motion with the court.

All involved may be sure that I will screen Ms. Wenger’s filings diligently for future disciplinary violations.

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