Third Invitation: Time for Perjuring Priest Bob Malm and Kelly Motormouth Gable to Put Up or Shut Up

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Kelly Motormouth Gable

In Grace Episcopal’s response to my defamation lawsuit, it inter alia claims that the church’s statement that I embezzled from a previous employer is privileged on the basis that Kelly Motormouth Gable and perjuring priest Bob Malm had a moral duty to discuss the matter. So, while we’re on the topic, here is my third invitation to the church, to perjuring priest Bob Malm, to Kelly Motormouth Gable, and to the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia to put up or shut up.

If the parish really believes that it has a moral duty to discuss alleged embezzlement by former members, then it follows that it has a corresponding duty to take that information to the police. Indeed, as a legal matter, any privilege is going to be greatly limited once a person is no longer a church member. In fact, the only clear privilege is to make a good-faith police report.

So, I am inviting the parish, Kelly Motormouth Gable, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, and anyone else who believes Kelly’s claim to be true to file a complaint with the police. That’s right — time to put on the big girl pants and deal openly with these issues. 

And by the way, below is the email I sent to attorney Wayne Cyron, inviting Kelly and Bob to be adults and take their allegations directly to the police.

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

The fact that there is no sign they have done so speaks volumes about Kelly, Grace Episcopal Church, and perjuring priest Bob Malm. Indeed, as I pointed out in my email, the fastest way to shut down the myriad lawsuits against the church would be for me to land in jail. So why don’t Kelly Motormouth Gable and perjuring priest Bob Malm have the integrity to put their cards on the table?

And consider the Christian glee that would erupt among the Princess Porcine, Lisa Medley; Alison “Bullying for Jesus” Campbell; and the other good Christians of Grace Church were the police able to file charges against me based on Kelly Motormouth Gable’s statements.

In a nutshell, there’s absolutely no reason for the church not to put its money where its mouth is and file a complaint with the police. 

So Grace Church, grow up. 

Be adults. 

Quit the petty junior high games, described by one third-party observer as “hateful and childish.” 

Put your money where your mouth is. 

File a police report today.