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Grace Episcopal Alexandria Lawsuits

In his responses to my interrogatories to him, perjuring priest Bob Malm has updated several of his answers. While for now I am treating the specifics as confidential pursuant to an informal agreement with perjuring priest Bob Malm’s attorney, suffice it to say his responses are consistent with the level of integrity Bob Malm has demonstrated to date.

Of course, as discussed in prior posts, church members may well question why perjuring priest Bob Malm wants to keep his answers secret. If his conduct is on the up-and-up, why not show the whole world?

It’s also worth noting that, with my demand for a jury trial, the matter is unlikely to go to trial until well into 2021 at the earliest. Thus, it’s a fair bet that Grace Church will continue its precipitous decline for the foreseeable future.

And of this you may be certain—as long as the church’s games continue and it fails to take responsibility for its actions, I will continue to vigorously oppose the parish on every front. I am not going to roll over for any organization that bullies my mother as she is dying–or that tries to bully my husband, Mike.

Grace Episcopal Alexandria and perjuring priest Bob Malm have operated without accountability for far too long.