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Bob Malm

Yesterday, I received discovery responses from perjuring priest Bob Malm in my lawsuit against him individually. It’s fair to say that they are about what I would expect from perjuring priest Bob Malm.

Of greater importance is the fact that perjuring priest Bob Malm’s attorney is asking for a protective order to prevent publication of Bob’s responses. In other words, perjuring priest Bob Malm wants to prevent the public and members of the church from seeing what really goes on behind the scenes at Grace Church. He wants to prevent people from seeing evidence of his own duplicity and misconduct. He wants to prevent people from seeing proof that he is a perjurer. That speaks volumes to Bob’s underlying conduct and integrity and the way the parish conducts its affairs.

Consider: If perjuring priest Bob Malm is conducting himself in a manner befitting clergy, why should there be any issue with his responses or emails seeing the light of day? Jesus came to bring light to the darkness, but perjuring priest Bob Malm wants to skulk around in the shadows. Beware of any church and any priest that cannot conduct their affairs in the light of day. In fact, a good priest wants scrutiny and transparency, for these engender accountability. 

As a matter of professional courtesy, I have agreed not to disclose perjuring priest Bob Malm’s discovery until motions court in November to consider his request for a protective order. But as perjuring priest Bob Malm’s attorney knows, mere inchoate assertions of embarrassment and oppression are not adequate to overcome a party’s First Amendment rights to publish information received in discovery. In other words it’s very likely that I soon will be publishing perjuring priest Bob Malm’s responses, and they are not pretty.

In the meantime, another major media story critical of perjuring priest Bob Malm’s conduct, and that of Grace Episcopal Church, is pending. The article likely will run late next week. 

One final observation, which is that even with the rapidly increasingly volume of evidence of corruption at Grace Church, delusional sycophants like David Crosby will try to avoid dealing with the reality by engaging in ad hominem attacks asserting that I am mentally ill, etc. But the reality is that anyone who cannot look the facts in the eye in the eye is the person with the problem, and there are still dozens of people at Grace Church who refuse to deal with the fact that Bob Malm is a perjurer and Kelly Motormouth Gable is a defamer.