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Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Although most churches are experiencing dwindling attendance at their streamed services, it’s worth tuning into perjuring priest Bob Malm’s sermon from this Sunday, hosted on Vimeo. Why? Because his hypocrisy is hilarious, as he gasses on about forgiveness and reconciliation.

Highlights of perjuring priest Bob Malm’s laughable sermon are when he talks about the importance of listening before you speak, and how our parents taught us this. Having seen firsthand multiple instances of Bob’s narcissistic rages, which in one case occurred without anything being said by the the other party, that’s pretty rich.
Then there’s his bit drawn from the Sermon on the Mount, in which Jesus tells us that if our sibling has something against us, we are to first to be reconciled to her, then to offer our gift at the altar. Coming from someone who refused my written settlement offer from 2016, which asked only that he leave us alone, that’s laughable. Of course, we’re now five years into our conflict, and still going at it, hammer and tongs.
Also of note is perjuring priest Bob Malm’s bit about respecting the other person. Somehow, I don’t think that includes bearing false witness, including falsely claiming that my mother or someone claiming to be her contacted him repeatedly to set up appointments, only to no-show. Nor does it include trying to drag a dying woman, incontinent, dependent on oxygen, and receiving palliative care, into court.
In short, to understand perjuring priest Bob Malm’s ministry one has to look at is his actions, not his words. When we do look at his actions, we see the reality, which is that beneath the fine words there is zero substance.
BTW, a far better sermon, more germane to the mess that is Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish, is Michael Guy’s, in which he talks about Jesus’ admonition that it is what we say that defiles us, for it comes from the heart. This is the sort of reminder that folks at Grace need, which is the way they talk to and about each other is wrong. Find Michael’s sermon here.