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Bob Malm, perjuring priest

Previously, I posted about perjuring priest Bob Malm’s appalling disregard for the welfare of others, and his lack of leadership, in refusing to wear a face covering while leading services at St. Gabriel’s. True to form, Malm continues to play games with these issues.

Last Sunday, Malm officiated at St. Gabriel’s. And he wore a mask, at least initially. But he took it off in no time flat.
What’s telling though, is that, is that after the sermon perjuring priest Bob Malm did not put his face covering back on. While some might claim that this was inadvertent, I believe Wade Mullin’s comment about abusers constantly probing, testing, and renegotiating boundaries, which I previously posted, holds true.
Think about it this way: If perjuring priest Bob Malm actually wanted to lead by example, he would have promptly covered his face again. The same holds true if Bob Malm actually cared about the welfare of those around him — he would want to take every step he could to keep them safe. 
So in this small but symbolic move, Malm again tries to show he’s in charge, that he makes the decisions, and that he can’t be told what to do by church authorities or others. And it is a tiny probing of boundaries, so that somewhere down the road he can push things just a little further.
Of course, many who read this will dispute it. No doubt perjuring priest Bob Malm has spent a fair amount of time charm bombing St. Gabriel’s. But I’d bet you if you could have a candid conversation with Deacon Cathy, you’d see a much less attractive portrait of Bob. 
If you’re a member of St. Gabriel’s, I urge you to be alert to the possibility that all that glitters is not gold. Nor is all that is friendly indicative of faith. Nor does a good sermon mean that the person delivering it necessarily believes, or lives out, the content.