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Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Here’s another good one, allegedly from Lisa Gardner.

By way of background, Lisa’s father is a member of St. John’s, Hingham Massachusetts, where former Grace members Peter and Cheryl Barnes now are members. Lisa is friends with Bob and Leslie Malm and Lisa Medley—which right there speaks volumes.

Of course, Lisa’s lies are consistent with other conduct from Grace Church, including Bob Malm’s perjury. And there’s no sign that anyone at Grace Church objects to this behavior or repudiates it.

So if you are looking for a church, or you are applying for the rector position, just know that this sort of conduct is part and parcel of life at Grace Church. And the larger Episcopal Church. In fact, falsely accusing folks of domestic violence is nothing for folks at Grace Church — after all, it’s even okay to urge people to commit suicide and to falsely accuse them of embezzlement.

Welcome to Sugarland! And welcome to the church that 30 years of perjuring priest Bob Malm produced!

Grace Episcopal Alexandria