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Shock waves are rippling throughout Episcopal men’s group The Brotherhood of St. Andrew after three African-American board members resigned in protest over the organization’s response to recent racial incidents. But even as the group reels from the upheaval on its board, its efforts to regain its footing illustrate the utter ineptitude and lack of Christian ethics at Grace Episcopal and the Diocese of Virginia.

In reports by the Episcopal News Service, the organization’s three top leaders committed the Brotherhood to “a new phase of the journey of truth-telling, learning, listening and ultimately, with God’s help, reconciliation.”

That begs the issue: Why are Grace Church and the diocese still trying to defend the indefensible? Like Bob Malm’s perjury, folks at the church urging me to commit suicide, and the church’s defamation per se? Or trying to drag a dying woman into court that couldn’t even physically leave her home?

The answer is clear: The diocese and the parish are nothing but badly run businesses that have zero interest in actual Christian values.

Over time, will the Brotherhood find reconciliation and healing? Quite possibly, it will, if it is sincere and continues to strive to do what’s right. But Grace Episcopal and the diocese are neither sincere nor committed to doing what’s right, so the outcome is clear. Reconciliation and healing simply won’t happen.