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CNN recently covered independent documentary filmmaker Rob Bliss, who protested outside KKK headquarters and produced a video from his experiences. And guess what? Many of the reactions he got from KKK members were the same as I get from Grace Episcopal Church members.

I know, big surprise.
In addition to the ol’ one-gun-salute-to-Jesus, of which there were many, among other things he got the same rhetoric as Sugarland Chiow and perjuring priest Bob Malm deploy when they want to suppress criticism. Specifically, he got called a “domestic terrorist.”
You’d think that Sugarland and perjuring priest Bob Malm could come up with something a little more erudite than ugly KKK rhetoric, wouldn’t you?
Just goes to show: Hate is hate, whether it’s the KKK, Grace Episcopal Church, or so-called Christians like Lisa Medley, Alison Campbell, and Kelly Gable. Or parishioners who urge me to commit suicide.
Visit the CNN article here and Rob’s video here.
For those new to this blog, here is church attorney Sugarland Chiow’s claim that I’m a domestic terrorist:
Grace Episcopal Alexandria
And here’s the reference to KKK members calling Rob a domestic terrorist:
Grace Episcopal Alexandria
And here is a screen cap of the first part of the article:
Grace Episcopal Alexandrie
And as a reminder, here is the post from a then college-aged parishioner urging to me commit suicide.
Clearly, the KKK and Grace Episcopal share a common characteristic: They respond with hate, ugly rhetoric, and lies when someone challenges their views.