Rector Candidates: This Should Give You Pause

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Grace Episcopal Alexandria

This screen cap, probably more so than any other, illustrates the toxic nature of Grace Church, the clergy perjury parish.

In it, a then college-aged parishioner who grew up in the church not only uses the homophobic handle. “Eat_A-Dick,” but urges me to commit suicide. Nor is this someone on the fringes of the church; both her parents have served on the vestry, and as wardens.

It is a sad state of affairs indeed when this is the result of a lifetime in the church. You need to know that this exemplifies how Grace parishioners live into the baptismal covenant, for if you are serious about your faith, this is what you will be dealing with during your tenure with the church.

Nor should you think that this is a one-off misstep and that folks are sorry for their mistakes. As it happens, the church is in court, even as we speak, defending six lawsuits against it and various persons connected with the church, and trying to claim that the conduct in question is defensible.

It’s not.