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As the various lawsuits now under way against Grace Episcopal the clergy perjury parish and its denizens make their way forward, I thought it would be useful to have list summarizing the various caes. The result is below and will be updated as needed.

A few disclaimers:
  • Several cases are likely to be joined. Thus, the total number of cases may wind up being lower, without any loss of the underlying causes of action.
  • As the cases proceed, it is likely that we will see additional causes of action arise. 
  • At least one additional lawsuit is coming and involves a person connected with the parish. While that individual has a pretty good idea that they are on the “short list,” it is premature to name that individual. Stay tuned for details.
  • I have intentionally omitted the amount of the claims for several reasons. Most importantly, the issue at hand is not about money. It is about doing what’s right, which is something that has proved painfully difficult for the parish, the diocese, and their respective officials. Secondly, with punitive damages in the mix, it is difficult to estimate the amount of any potential recovery. Indeed, recovery could range from nothing at all to millions of dollars. so at this juncture, any estimate is at best a guess.
  • Mom’s estate may yet enter the fray on an independent basis. While Mom assigned most related claims to me prior to her death, discussions with legal counsel for the various parties involved suggest that the estate’s obligation to marshall assets may lead to various lawsuits against the church, diocese, and Bob Malm from that front. At this juncture, it’s simply too early to know.