Wade Mullen Again Hits the Nail on the Head About Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the Clergy Perjury Parish

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Grace Episcopal Alexandria

A recent Tweet by Wade Mullen, an ordained minister and expert on church abuse, is spot on when it comes to Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish, as well as Susan Goff and the rest of the #fakechristians at the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. Same goes for Sugarland Chiow and the rest of the hypocrites at the corrupt organization known as Grace Episcopal.

As I have said many times, Bob Malm’s perjury is readily ascertainable. All one has to do is to ask him for any documentation to support his statement, made under oath, in writing, while advised by church legal counsel, and notarized by Jane Rosman, that my Mom or someone purporting to be her repeatedly set up appointments with him and canceled. Simply didn’t happen, and I’d be prepared to bet that fat cat Susan Goff knows it. Yet here we are, dragging through court, as perjuring priest Bob Malm pretends to be a Christian while hanging out at St. Gabriel’s. Meanwhile, Grace Church the clergy perjury parish, continues to cling tenaciously to its support for Bob Malm and Kelly Motormouth Gable and the latter’s defamation per se.
The result, predictably enough, is that Grace Church and the diocese will continue their slide towards existential crisis, for one cannot be an authentic church and turn a blind eye to perjury, defamation per se, Bob Malm’s myriad lies, the bullying by the altar guild and the choir, and all the other BS that comes out of Grace Church.
Meanwhile, Jean Reed, Kemp Williams, and the rest of the gossips at the church will continue to prattle on about how I’m defaming the “servants of Christ” at the church, while lamenting the chaos that they claim I am sowing. But the precipitous decline in the parish comes from their own endorsement of bad behavior; their unwillingness to examine their conduct, individually and collectively; and their failure to recognize a simple notion: The only way to avoid being criticized for hypocrisy is for a church to try to live up to the standards it professes.
In all of this, one thing’s certain: Neither Grace Church, nor perjuring priest Bob Malm, nor Susan Goff and the rest of the fat cats and bloodsucking leaches at the diocese will ever acknowledge that Bob Malm is a perjurer, let alone say thank you to anyone who tells the truth.
They are simply too corrupt to do so, and just like the good Christians of Grace Church, they have nothing but contempt for the truth.

Avoid Grace Church.

Grace Episcopal Alexandria