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Want to see what a scumbag perjuring priest Bob Malm is? In today’s mail, I got a notice that perjuring priest Bob Malm intends to defend the lawsuit in PA, in which I am asking the court to award Mom’s attorney fees after perjuring priest Bob Malm tried to drag my mother, then terminally ill, into court for depositions.

In case I haven’t been clear on this, let me say again: Any priest who would, in violation of state law, try to drag a dying woman into court in pursuit of his vendetta, is trailer park trash. Even worse, through Sugarland Chiow, perjuring priest Bob Malm later tried to mislead the courts.

At the heart of the matter is Bob’s effort to subpoena my mother in the prior litigation. As part of that, he attempted to domesticate a Virginia subpoena in Pennsylvania, in violation of Pennsylvania law. Pursuant to Rule 1930.5 of the state’s rules of civil procedure, there is no discovery in protection from abuse cases absent leave of court. That’s right. No subpoenas. No depositions. No interrogatories. No requests for admission. No answers to written questions. You must get leave of court first. I repeat: You must get leave of court first.
Perjuring priest Bob Malm tried to subpoena a dying woman

Yet Bob decided to show up, try to subpoena a woman he knew was terminally ill, and attempt to drag her into court for depositions. No effort to obtain leave of court. Nothing. And it’s not like Sugarland Chiow’s law firm wasn’t able to research the relevant rules. Sugarland either didn’t bother to do his legal research, or he did his legal research and figured he’d ignore the law and try to pull a fast one on a dying woman.
To make matters worse, Sugarland later displayed some serious gaps in his memory. At one point, he argued that he had spoken with Mom’s attorney and she was doing just fine. At another point, Sugarland took an inconsistent tack, telling the courts that he was not aware that she was terminally ill. Yet her blog made very clear that she was terminally ill.
Then we get the comment from mom’s attorney, who said, “You’ll have to fill me in on the details of the case. That attorney is coming at you with a personal vendetta.”

The fact that perjuring priest Bob Malm and the Episcopal Church think that their conduct is defensible makes clear why this toxic church just needs to go away. If filing an illegal subpoena against a dying woman is something they think is okay, my response is, “No thanks. You can keep your toxic church, your toxic diocese, and your toxic denomination. Jesus came to free people from religious oppression. You are the oppressor.”
Perjuring priest Bob Malm attempts to defend his efforts to drag a dying woman into court.